Report: Data-driven makeover needed for Australia?

BIMcrunch has reported on quite the number of BIM-related stories from Australia in recent times, yet a more wider adoption of Building Information has been called for by the Managing Director of a top Australasian enterprise applications company.

In a guest article for Business Spectator, Rob Stummer calls for a change in attitudes of people within the architectural, engineering and construction sector, a shift in processes and how they are conducted and an enhanced emphasis on using BIM software in order to totally change the way in which building projects within Australia are carried out.


“While technology is only part of the solution – people and processes are equally if not more important – technology can act as a catalyst for change and innovation”, stated Stummer. “Instead of thinking about it as a 3D design model – probably a fair assessment of how it is mostly viewed in Australia – the UK government and industry are now talking about how to capture and share data throughout the construction and asset management supply chain to encourage new, more collaborative and more efficient ways of working.”


The basis of Stummer’s article stems from the ending of a boom in Australian construction from the mining and resources sectors. Although the end of this economic upturn doesn’t necessarily mean a serious decline in fortunes for the economy Down Under, Stummer believes it won’t hurt to push BIM adoption and create a new boom in industry instead of waiting until times are tough. He said: “Crisis or no crisis, however, Australia is certainly heading into interesting times. Even after the resources investment boom, building and construction will be pillars of the economy.”


“There’s great potential for efficiency improvements in the construction industry from the data-driven approach to process efficiencies that BIM encourages. These efficiencies are at three levels: within construction companies themselves, throughout the construction supply chain more generally, and in the on-going management of the assets that are constructed.”


Follow this link to read Stummer’s thoughts in their entirety.


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