Report: BIM in The Netherlands “needs someone to take ownership”

Credit: Arup
Credit: Arup

A BIM Manager at an Amsterdam branch of a design and engineering company at the forefront of Building Information Modelling expertise has stated that BIM in The Netherlands “needs someone to take ownership”.

Arup Amsterdam’s Sander Boogers posted a new blog post comparing the differences between UK and Dutch legislations. Boogers notes that whilst UK guidelines “leaves it to clients to define what they want included in the model”, regulations in The Netherlands focus on “what the as-designed and as-built model you send to your client must contain”.

“If BIM can be implemented successfully, it will enable quality and efficiency benefits to be realized during design, construction, operation and future redevelopment of the building”, stated Boogers. “However, the process is currently falling down because it’s not clear who is responsible for what.”

The BIM Manager, Structural Engineer and Draughtsman elaborated on this point, voicing that who should implement certain data into a model is thus far undetermined, creating some potentially messy situations that can affect the element of coordination that using BIM is meant to improve.

“The rules call for all the data on an element like a structural wall to be in that wall element in the model – architectural data, structural engineering data, fire engineering data and more. But if different consultants are producing this data, then who is responsible for incorporating it into the model?

“Contracts don’t yet cover this issue. So it’s currently resolved through trust and relationships.” Not ideal I’m sure you will all agree.

Read Boogers’ full blog post here.

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