Prescient’s new BIM algorithm makes building “faster and greener”

A Denver-based technology business has came up with a new “proprietary software algorithm” it claims can make the building of apartments, hotels and dormitories both faster and greener.

Prescient have released Building Information Modelling objects that work with Autodesk Revit; the library of components include 24 steel panels and one truss that works with standard steels columns. Overall, these objects come to together as one cohesive system and can be used to make buildings of up to 12 storeys high.


According to Metal Miner, “each piece of the frame is assigned X and Y coordinates that establish its precise location in the design and allow the part to be made to specification in a plant”. Following that, the system can automatically distribute the weight of the building into the columns which allows for panels to be standardised and lighter, which in-turn cuts costs.


Prescient are also working on an app that will allow users to scan QR codes to update their models in real time as pieces are added.


Creating a system that can essentially automate the prefabrication of buildings that have storeys with very similar floor plans has eluded the industry thus far, yet it seems we are now one step closer.


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