New Pentair heat-tracing BIM objects now available

Pentair Thermal Building Solutions are the industry’s first company to provide Building Information Modelling objects that provide heat-tracing solutions.

Architects, contractors, engineers and owners can now use ramp heating, snow melting and roof and gutter de-icing BIM objects, which are compatible with Autodesk Revit 2013 and any later editions.


Alongside the new families, users can also download the Raychem Trace-It plug-in that allows them to “design, calculate and specify” heat-tracing capabilities directly into Revit. The add-on also enables those who have downloaded it to implement winter safety applications and hot water maintenance tools.


European Product Manager at Pentair Thermal Building Solutions, Jonathan Jones spoke of the history-making launch. He commented: “Our new BIM content facilitates engineering design decisions, providing the deliverables needed to handle each project effectively.


“By using our Trace-It add-in and BIM families, each and every stakeholder has relevant and useful information throughout the project. This results in quicker, more efficient design and build, which saves time and optimises building performance. And importantly for the UK, we’re providing the tools to comply with the UK BIM strategy in advance of 2016.”

Brad Faulconer, Pentair’s Vice President and General Manager also spoke about the new BIM objects. He said: “BIM is a game changer in how buildings are designed, procured, built, delivered and maintained. As the first company to introduce BIM content for electrical heat-tracing products, we’re helping project teams adopt an integrated and collaborative approach to building design and management.


“This latest innovation reinforces our position as pioneers in the global heat-tracing industry. It’s a tangible example of our commitment to meeting market needs and helping our customers do business more easily and efficiently.”


Click here to learn more about the new BIM object families and download information.


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