New app streaming service X.IO of interest to BIM developers

A powerful new cloud-based visualisation service has been announced by software developers OTOY, and users of BIM software are in line to benefit.

X.IO helps to make the “editing of even the most complex files a breeze on low-performance devices” by porting Windows desktop applications to the cloud. OTOY claim this can be done with the minimum of code-tweaking by app developers needed.


By running add-ins in the cloud, architects and BIM content creators can reduce load times, and the strain on their own worktops. The process of multi-user collaboration is also made vastly simpler, as projects update in real-time across all devices.


While X.IO could feasibly be adopted by a full range of desktop programs, its primary remit is graphics-intensive applications, those with image editing features or 3D models.


Cloud collaboration has grown in profile in the AEC industries this year. At AIA 2014, Autodesk unveiled its propriety Project Skyscraper tool, which it said would lead to an “entirely new form of collaboration to our AEC customers”.


BIM developers who wish to know more about X.IO can view the official site here.


How do you feel about using BIM software on the cloud?