LISTEN – What will you find on a construction site in 2035?

Interactive holograms, exoskeletons, site airships, 3D printers, mobile phones built into hardhats, and virtual hyper-reality. Bouygues Construction sees 2035 as being an excellent year for technology, as articulated in a recent article on its official site.

French construction firm Bouygues states that all the innovations referenced in its audio piece are currently being researched in its R&D department. The monologue follows a fictional works’ supervisor – José Tarantino – as he inspects a site in development by his firm.


Through one hologram, Tarantino is able to assess the project and its current progress, and simply by looking at components on site he can evaluate their cost and durability. It’s clear that BIM has a role to play in this speculative future, even more digitised than the present.


Some of this technology is with us in 2014, of course. 3D printers have attracted a great deal of media coverage, and firms seeking to maximise their efficiency are already assembling their components off-site, though granted they aren’t being flown in by airship.


At three minutes, it’s a fun, brief listen, and because it doesn’t stray into the absurd it feels like it could be an authentic look towards 2035.


Would you wear an exoskeleton?