Lack of detailed procedural documentation won’t hinder Level 2 says HOK

A BIM Manager working for one of the world’s most renowned architectural firms has said that a lack of “detailed compliance documentation is no hindrance to the success of the BIM strategy”.

In a guest post for BDOnline, HOK’s David Shepherd begins by referring to a recent article by Martin Wing, who drew attention to scarcity of detailed Level 2 BIM adoption literature.


However, Shepherd believes that this lack of material is no obstacle because this very lack of standards allows for companies to improvise and select their own bespoke approaches. Shepherd writes: “I would agree with him [Martin Wing] that even a cursory review of the current UK BIM standards reveals a remarkable lack of procedural detail. Yet I don’t see this as an obstacle to the achievement of the goals identified in the Government Construction Strategy.”


Shepherd cites a number of construction projects that have been successful without it being possible to have a set of “detailed processes” in place, thus meaning that a dearth of detailed. He elaborates: “Across such a vast range of construction and infrastructure projects for which BIM will be compulsory, there can be no definitive set of detailed processes. So it’s clear that the absence of detailed compliance documentation is no hindrance to the success of the BIM strategy.”


Shepherd closes by stating that even after the Government’s 2016 mandate deadline has passed, projects will still vary by the level of data interoperability that is required. He says: “Well beyond 2016, the required level of data interoperability will continue to vary by project, firm size and industry sectors. And that’s why, for the foreseeable future, BIM Level 2 will probably defy attempts at defining a common detailed accreditation standard.”


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