Event featuring BIM debate calls for more females in construction

A recent Building Information Modelling-centric event has called for more females to work in the construction industry.

Wates Construction recently hosted the first in a series of Association of Women in Property events in First Street, Manchester. The meet took place on-site of Wates’ latest project, HOME, a £25 million multi-artform centre. The combination of the inaugural event being held in a state-of-the-art venue certainly showed of Wates’ support for having more females fulfil top positions within the AEC sector.


The main element of the convention premiere was a debate on BIM, in which leading industry names from the North West discussed the value of BIM adoption on construction projects. The event was just one part of Wates’ nationwide programme to combat under-representation of women in construction and promote the fact that women should be in pivotal roles that address the skills gap with the BIM field and more widely, the entire construction domain.


Wates Construction North West’s Business Unit Directorl, Tony Shenton, commented on his company’s female-driven initiative. He said:


“In February this year the Office for National Statistics announced that female presence in the construction industry had risen by 14 per cent since last year. Wates is a huge champion of seeking out the most promising talent available to our industry, be it male or female, and the recent Women in Property event at First Street was a great arena in which to celebrate some of the region’s leading female property professionals.”


Read the entire Manchester Evening News article about the event by clicking here.


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