BIM utilised in Atlanta Zoo’s state-of-the-art reptile enclosure

Building Information Modelling can be used for building hotels, shops, car-parks, bridges and even the widening of rivers. Yet it’s not just humans who can reap the benefits.

Atlanta Zoo’s Scaly Slimy Spectacular: Amphibian & Reptile Experience facility is the latest BIM project making the news, and now our reptilian friends can also realise the importance of the 3D modelling technology, with their handlers saving money due to BIM’s fantastic cost-cutting and forecasting measure.


Designed using Autodesk Revit, the “goal with BIM is to minimize and, at best, eliminate, field related RFIs in order to significantly reduce the possibility of change orders and schedule delays”.


Winter Construction, who are working on the project, have published an article on their official website which explains all the work that will go into the development. BIM is being used to ensure that collaboration is at the highest level possible for the architects and contractors working on the project due to the incredibly complex design of the habitats, which include a complex curved curtain wall.


Elaborating further on problems resolved such as clashes, article author and Winter’s Vice President, Preconstruction Andy Rogers wrote: “The complete model contains an architectural model, structural model, HVAC model, electrical model, and fire protection model. Compiling so much data inside one model gives Winter’s project team the most comprehensive look at how all the systems fit together. 


“There were dozens of instances where items interfered with something else. For example, early in the coordination process there were multiple instances where a line of ductwork ran directly through a structural support joist. Catching this issue early allowed the HVAC contractor to modify his ductwork to fit below the joists.”


Learn more about the project here.


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