BIM to increase environmental credentials of Sunderland eco development

North East architectural firm BDN Ltd are looking into potential environmental benefits Building Information Modelling can offer their latest project.

The Durham-based practice are to develop 13 eco-friendly homes on Humbledon Hill, Sunderland and in order to ensure they are maximising their potential in building environmentally friendly housing, BDN look to utilise BIM.


The Sunderland Echo have stated that BDN have “undertaken research into how Building Information Modelling (BIM) can help increase the development’s environmental credentials”, no doubt due to BIM’s ability to simulate a building’s energy performance long before the building has even been built.


Richard Marsden, who works as an Architect and BIM Coordinator at BDN is in charge of the project. Speaking about his decision to invest in Sunderland, he said: “We chose this site in particular because of its prominence. What better way to showcase quality design and the regions talent than on a landmark site. We could have invested our time and money into other sites in the region but thought it was about time something was done for Sunderland’s benefit.”


As well as working on this project, Marsden also have the Constructing Excellence Awards to look forward to, where he is competing for the National Young Achiever of the Year award.


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