BIM paying dividens on new Australian Taxation Office development

Building Information Modelling is at the heart of the new development of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) headquarters.

Being designed by architects Built in Dandenong, Victoria, the new ATO building design team are using Autodesk Revit Structure 2013 to help construct the 12,600sqm office space and 1,000sqm of retail area. Meinhardt will provide structural and engineering services whilst EPC Pacific will be collaborating on the project.


The office space will be mostly open plan, giving ATO scope and flexibility to add whatever future modifications that they require.


Sourceable are reporting that BIM was primarily used to stop any costly surprises that could creep up as they can be caught by BIM’s clash detection capabilities. The project team also wanted to capitalise on BIM’s ability to manage costing measurements (to keep quantity surveying teams happy) and security requirements that the end-user wanted assurance over. BIM allowed for the aforementioned wants to be displayed through a 3D model at an early stage of project bidding.


It is also hope the use of BIM will help achieve high environmental targets; plans see the team hope to achieve a 5 star Green Star rating for design and as-built structure. This news follows BIMcrunch’s sister Instagram feed #Bimagery showcasing a fellow Australian skyscraper project that achieved the highest Green Star rating possible of 6 stars.


To read more about the project and information on other elements of it’s design, follow this link.


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