BIM Academy brings its Virtual Project course to Hong Kong & Australia

A three-day BIM training course founded by Northumbria University’s BIM Academy is crossing continents this year, giving novice architects in both Hong Kong and Australia access to practical, hands-on skill development.

BIM Academy’s Virtual Project comes with no prerequisites – prospective students need not be skilled at using software in order to apply. Those on the course are put into contact with professionals of varied specialities, and are set to work on a real project, on in which they work with other students to complete.


Typically, the course is hosted at the Academy’s VE suite at Northumbria University in a controlled environment Software licences and IT infrastructure are provided. The Hong Kong and Australia courses mark the first time they have been held outside of the UK.


Justine Gray, senior BIM coordinator at BIM Academy, told Construction Manager: “We want to push Virtual Project to markets in Asia and Australia where there is great interest in the technology.”


She clarified that the course would be held on demand, and adapted to meet the standards of the new territories. “Rather than send our guys over there,” she said, “we are training staff there to deliver the courses.”


In June, BIM Academy published a blog from a summer intern’s first-hand impressions of Virtual Project.  


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