Bentley build on BIM to develop Subsurface Utility Engineering technology

Software juggernaut Bentley Systems have unveiled new plans to develop on current Building Information Modelling tools to create Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) software.

Sourceable are reporting that SUE technology will make work easier for engineers needed to carry out work in underground environments and also aid those above ground to make sure that their components don’t clash with utilities below the surface. Maintenance of underground services such as water, gas and electricity will be easier due to their exact locations being more apparent then before whilst AEC workers constructing new buildings on land will be able to prevent costly clash detections to systems below land.


Bentley came up with the idea following their work using BIM technology for multi-disciplinary civil engineering projects. BIM is often seen as ‘building before you build’ and SUE is being referred to a similar principle of ‘call before you dig’.


Bentley System’s CEO Greg Bentley believes that underground services we don’t see everyday are completely overlooked and SUE will be the advancement in technology that has been needed for a long time. He said: “In cities around the world, the area that I believe poses the biggest risk to those designing, building, and operating infrastructure is found by looking down. It’s also the area for which it seems there’s been the least advancement of information modelling and information mobility to improve construction throughput and enhance the reliability, safety, and resilience of infrastructure assets.”


This Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) software uniquely provides across disciplines a powerful new information modelling application. Its use will empower project teams to comprehensively understand, and more effectively and efficiently resolve underground infrastructure conflicts.”


No release date for SUE software was made available yet I’m sure it will act as an incredibly useful counterpart to BIM.


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Do you think SUE is act as a useful sister counterpart to BIM?