Autodesk unveil new BIM explanation video

Autodesk have released a new informative video explaining the benefits of Building Information Modelling.

Ideal for demonstrating the positive benefits of BIM adoption to newcomers, the video, which was posted to Autodesk’s Building Solutions YouTube channel, states that now, “it’s all about BIM”.


“BIM is an intelligent model-based process for planning, designing, building and managing buildings and infrastructure”, narrates the voiceover whilst a series of excellent visual aids. “BIM creates more than just digital 2D or 3D models, BIM models use objects that have intelligence, geometry and data.”


The video also stresses the importance of a BIM’s data retention, allowing anyone involved on the project to check data at anytime. “The power of BIM lies within the information. At any point in the lifecycle of the project, the information is there; accurate to help reduce time-consuming errors and re-work; accessible from virtually anywhere at anytime by all the project stakeholders; and actionable to help inform your decision making with simulation and analysis.”


Watch the new promotional clip below.



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