Arup Senior Structural Technician talks to Tekla

Tekla have published a new interview with a Senior Structural Technician to gage his experiences using their flagship Building Information Modelling software.

Arup’s Joe Dukelow provided his thoughts on his studies that got him to where he is today, his experiences with Tekla Structures and when he has used the BIM tool and how his career at Arup working on many BIM projects has gone thus far.


Firstly, Dukelow said that getting to work on the likes of Arup’s revolutionary Project OVE means “working at Arup is good”. He said: it’s a friendly and inclusive firm. If you are driven and work hard, you gain trust and often can proceed in the direction you want to with your career. Experience goes a long way but throughout your career – even when more junior – you get the opportunity to participate in wide range of projects varying of size, complexity and scale. To me, the most important and interesting projects that I have been a part of include The Leadenhall Building, Project OVE, The Pinnacle and one of my first projects, Limeburner Lane Substation.”


Dukelow also offered advice for those using Tekla software and discussed how he managed to get to the grips with the technology. He reminisced:


“After initial training courses delivered by Tekla, the largest part of learning Tekla Structures has come from ‘on the job experience’. I have successfully complete six large scale projects with Tekla Structures over my 10 year career. Attending webinars and Tekla training courses has enabled me to keep up to date with changes and updates to the software and has helped with further learning. If Tekla Campus had existed when I first started to get to grips with the software I would have undoubtedly used that as a learning tool.”


Talking more about how Tekla has improved the quality of his work, Dukelow stated: “Tekla has been interlaced to my career. It has enabled me with various teams to deliver high profile projects successfully. Using the software has ensured improved efficiency and project delivery to a high standard. Delivering Projects using Tekla Structures is a rewarding process!”


Read the entire interview by clicking here.


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