WATCH – Team IMI talk the future of BIM-M

Credit: BIM-M
Credit: BIM-M

Today marks the conclusion to our coverage of the video series focusing on the Building Information Modelling for Masonry Initiative. Today’s final post looks at BIM-M today and what the future holds for the BIM within the masonry industry.

One of the BIM-M initiative Executive Committee members Team IMI address how masonry is incorporated within BIM currently, benefits BIM can bring to the masonry sector, difficulties with software that the masonry world are currently getting to grips with and how masonry can be kept relevant in the changing industry of today and the future.

Alongside a major array of visual 3D model clips, IMI’s Director of Industry Development and Technical Services, Mark Swanson provided the positive message regarding the future of BIM-M. When discussing the current state of affairs, Swanson said that although limited right now, he believes the initiative will be the key to unlocking a lot of potential for not only the masonry industry, but also to aid BIMs of hundreds of companies by giving them yet another element to include in their work to make it that much richer in data. He said:

“Masonry is currently incorporated in BIM software in a very limited way; this is why we have the BIM for Masonry project. We want architects, engineers, general contractors, sub-contractors and building owners to look to masonry for building solutions. In order to do that, there needs to be a robust masonry tool system developed and incorporated into BIM software.”

“Clash detection; build it before you build” is the best way that BIM can improve masonry, that according to Swanson. Cost estimators are also learning to “monetise with BIM”, which Swanson listed as another major benefit of BIM, as is the way that BIM changes the way we [users] communicate.

“Regarding what’s to come next, Swanson was very optimistic. He declared: “The future of BIM for Masonry is a very positive one, because it comes from a very limited background; really, the sky is the limit. The goal is to raise the performance level of the BIM software and also the designers, architects, engineers, contractors, sub-contractors and owners and in keeping masonry relevant in a changing industry.”

Watch the clip with Mark Swanson below.