WATCH – RIBA’s Paul Ugwu begins visual BIM training course

RIBA architect Paul Ugwu has launched a Building Information Modelling training course online.

On his official YouTube channel, Ugwu has released the first instalment of his BIM video series, with the inaugural episode titled “What is BIM?”


As expected, Ugwu explains what BIM is and other topics he will cover over the course of the video tutorial project.


Ugwu talks about the UK Government’s 2016 BIM mandate and how the initiative has motivated all companies, whether they are global or SMEs, to drive Building Information Modleling knowledge into their workforce so that they can keep up with what is far from a technological trend, more a permanent paradigm shift in architecture, engineering and construction. Ugwu says:


“What has happened in the last few years is there is a government target to use BIM on all construction projects by 2016. What that has done is motivated the industry to check it’s self and prepare this new circumstance.”


Ugwu also explains that BIM is simply not just a piece of software. Although modelling software is essential, each software package is its own entity and BIM is made of several entities that collaborate to become BIM.


“BIM is collaboration”, uttered Ugwu decisively. “It’s collaboration amongst consultants, designers, contractors and clients to achieve a building. This collaboration with result in a standardised process which will deliver information in a consistent and timely manner.”


Ugwu also looks at ways BIM can help improve a project’s efficiency across its lifecycle and you can watch his speech below.



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