WATCH – Revit Kid on creating your own material libraries

Tutorials site Revit Kid has published a video tutorial on how to share custom or modified materials between Revit projects. 

It is, according to Revit Kid’s real-life alias Jeff Pinherio, a question that pops up very frequently. “Beyond actually creating custom materials this would be the number one question I get when it comes to material management.”


The ability to migrate custom materials from their original projects helps Revit users to save time, and also means that certain aesthetics can be carried over from project to project.


Introducing the video on his blog, Pinherio states that key to the process is understanding that, in Revit, materials and assets are two different things. “Ultimately, you apply assets TO materials… The asset tabs include Appearance, Physical, and Thermal.” The video itself is just under three minutes long, enough time to run you through the details.


Other tips that Revit Kid has divulged include stripping down models for sharing, and using HDR in renders.


Check out Pinherio’s video below, and find a list of his other tutorials, made over a four year period, here.