WATCH – “Is BIM Manager a position?” No, says Egis

Credit: Egis
Credit: Egis

French civil engineering company Egis believe there is no such role as a BIM Manager, that’s according to their Head of BIM.

Christophe Castaing spoke with Paris-based educational facility École des ponts ParisTech in an interview hosted on their official YouTube channel.

When asked whether BIM Managers are necessary, he said that according to Egis, there isn’t. Castaing believes that any project manager should fulfil the role of a BIM Manager, in addition to his/her many other responsibilities. He said: “The concept of BIM management should be part of the advanced skills and expertise of project managers.”

Alluding to the state of Building Information Modelling adoption in his country, Castaing, who is also Chairman of Infrastructure Projects at buildingSMART International, believes that there is a dearth of trained BIM professionals currently operating in the industry. He stated: “With regard to the markets, there exists a lack of expertise.”

Castaing’s stance on French BIM adoption comes after BIMcrunch recently reported on how other countries are getting along, such as Australia, Canada, India and Singapore.

Watch Castaing’s chat with École des ponts ParisTech below.

What is your stance on Christophe’s comments?