WATCH – Hobs Studios highlight BIM abilities

Expert 3D printing and BIM solutions consultancy Hobs Studios have uploaded a new video which demonstrates the Building Information Modelling work that they carry out.

The video, nearly five minutes in length, looks at how BIM and all of it’s components make choosing to use it the perfect platform to design, construct and manage a building.


Hobs look in detail at how BIM can improve each stage of a construction project. From laser scanning to 3D modelling, to design development and 3D printing, to architectural model making and CGI and augmented reality work, they look at the plethora of reasons as to why BIM is at the forefront of the AEC industry.


The promo features annotated video clips of laser scanning, explaining how once an existing site has been scanned, ‘point clouds’ are linked together and then traced in Autodesk Revit to create the virtual representation of the building. Following that, new elements can be added in Autodesk Building Design Suite, such as doors and components such as tables. Following on from these changes, mechanical, electrical and plumbing objects are inserted before room schedules are completed and plans are finalised.


3D printing is the next step to demonstrated and for those unaware of how the process works, this section of the clip could be particularly interesting. CGI work is also showcased and the video is rounded out by looking at augmented reality software that Hobs have access to.


Check out the video below.



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