WATCH – Excitech talk BIM adoption with Navigant Consulting

Excitech Ltd have published an interview with Navigant Consulting regarding their recent foray into Building Information Modelling.

Published on their official YouTube channel this past weekend, the video sees Excitech speak with Navigant Associate Director Michael Sparrow at the RIBA ‘Design, Build and Manage… Better’ event, which took place back in May 2014.


Sparrow told Excitech that his attendance to the conference was to learn all about BIM as he was hoping to utilise it on some upcoming projects. Describing the information he received as “great” and “fantastic”, Sparrow followed by saying: “I think it [the event] has been very useful actually, some great information. Some good aspects on BIM’s use right the way through and on asset management, which is what we came to find.”


Elaborating further on his company’s transition towards BIM, Sparrow stated: “We’ve got some major projects coming up and I want to introduce it [BIM], so we’re at the beginning stage of this. Obviously, we always want to bring in new Government initiatives … this along with soft landings has been our major driver, so we’re actually at the stage now of design development and I want to bring the full BIM compliment into the projects.”


Speaking of benefits BIM can bring to design and construction elements of a project, Sparrow was optimistic: “I’m really interested in the design coordination and construction aspect as that’s my background. I think the benefits to design and better coordination at the beginning will benefit the on-site build and one of the major problems we have with public buildings is obviously maintaining them and getting good information handover at the beginning is critical to managing a public space; we can’t have things out of action for long so it is critical and the more information we can get through the construction period and handed over to asset management the better.”


Watch Michael Sparrow’s interview with Excitech below.



What benefits do you think BIM brings to asset management?