WATCH – Contractors talk Building Information Modelling for Masonry Initiative

“Why do contractors need to get behind BIM?” asks MCAA in one of the five videos it published on YouTube this week.

The answer, from Fred Kinateder, president of his namesake company Fred Kinateder Masonry, is absolute. “Well, it’s pretty simple. If we don’t, we’re not going to see our products used any more.”


The 14-minute Q&A session asks key players in the American masonry scene – including the presidents of Backbrook Masonry and the International Masonry Institute – about the Building Information Modeling for Masonry Initiative. In common with other videos about BIM-M made recently, the dialogue contains not a trace of doubt about the validity of the practice – everyone talks of its necessity.


Art Theusch, who presides over the Collaborative Consulting Group, says in the video: “We anticipate that [BIM] is going to change the way [masonry contractors] work; it’s going to allow them to build with better confidence; give them access to real-time information; and 3D models that will allow them to understand exactly what they’re building when they need to – it will take a lot of the guesswork out of the plans and spec approach.”


At the midway point of the video, there is a spirited call to arms by James Boland, president of the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Contractors. Jabbing his finger forwards, he proclaims, “We need you, our masonry contractors, to get involved and help us lead this effort, so that people look to masonry when they want building solutions.”


You can watch the video in its entirety down below.



Check back tomorrow (Friday July 25th) for the final instalment in the BIM-M video series.