WATCH – Boral Limited discuss BIM-M

Boral Limited have gave their opinion as a masonry manufacturer on Building Information Modelling for Masonry in a new video posted online.

The BIM-M movement, made up of the Mason Contractors of America Association (MCAA), the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers (BAC), the Brick Industry Association (BIA), the Western States Clay Products Association (WSCPA), The Masonry Society (TMS), Team IMI and the National Concrete Masonry Association Foundation (NCMA), was set-up in order to make masons more aware of BIM and the opportunities it offers them to enhance their businesses.


Boral’s VP of Commercial Services Brian Render spoke with MCAA for their official YouTube channel to talk how his company got into BIM, the benefits they have noticed since their adoption and future possibilities that could arise thanks to the latest paradigm shift in building technology.


Discussing Boral’s transition towards BIM, Render said: “Several of them [key customers and architectural sales reps] had come to us asking for us to investigate BIM technologies as our architectural customers saw it as an opportunity to prove the efficiency and effectiveness of their drawings. Without having much exposure to BIM, we sat down with our architects and explored the different capabilities of BIM, and they are wide – they are tremendous.”


After deciding to work on creating digital libraries adding material specifications to tools, the company were set on their BIM path, one which has seen them make significant gains in efficiency. Render explained: “Our customers have the most up-to-date product literature and the most up-to-date images of our current product offering.


“Our sales reps are no longer spending hours a week in the libraries with our architectural firms; they are now spending that quality time in-front of their architects talking about the design of their building, promoting some of our products and their key attributes, so it’s become a much more efficient process.”


Another positive gained from adopting BIM is something that most would not begin to consider, yet for a masonry manufacturer and their sales team, carrying around large examples of their product makes for a potentially risky working environment. Render elaborated:


“Our sales force has become a much safer sales force. We don’t have as many samples in the back of our vehicles and we’re not lugging samples up and down elevators and stairs in the high-rise buildings down at the city where most of our architectural customers work.”


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