WATCH – BIM Solutions Centre showcase BIM capabilities

Worldwide BIM management company BIM Solutions Centre have released a new video highlighting not just their company’s BIM-based work, but also strengths that Building Information Modelling can provide to any building project.

The BIM services firm, which has offices in Germany, Singapore and New Zealand, recently uploaded the promo on their official YouTube channel, complete with cartoon BIM Manager who explains the positives of choosing BIM.


The video highlights BIM Solutions Centre’s past projects and positives that come from adopting BIM, such as clash detection, the improvement of coordination thanks to having access to a 3D platform and the tracking of the aforesaid coordination.


The clip also explains that by using BIM, projects are of a higher quality and project efficiency is improved, all for a lower cost. Building Information Modelling can be used “from planning through to design, on to construction and all the way to operations”, proving why its popularity is improving and adoption is increasing on a daily basis.


Watch BIM Solutions Centre’s new video below.



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