WATCH – Autodesk release two new promotional BIM videos

The capabilities of Building Information Modelling have been illustrated in two new promotional videos from Autodesk.

The software juggernaut posted the latest promo clips to their Building Solutions YouTube channel, with both videos looking at BIM Solutions for Construction. The first video promotes the opportunities that adopting BIM can create, with the second video collecting opinions from industry talents regarding their BIM experiences.


The first video lists all the key positives that BIM can offer to those who implement it, with the clip highlighting BIM’s ability to let the user know every detail about all facets of their project from the very get-go. It touts ways of enhancing productivity and profitability also in addition to how BIM acts as the perfect tool to integrate new technology with established workflows.


Watch this video below.



The second video upload features seven BIM professionals discuss why Autodesk’s products are the right resources for them alongside three quoted viewpoints from other satisfied clientele.


“Autodesk’s cloud and mobile technology is very well aligned with the way the construction industry executes its business because it puts the right data at the right time in the hands of the people who actually do the work at the job site”, said Dominic Thasarathar, Construction Thought Leader at Autodesk.


To view this clip, check it out below.



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