WATCH – ACCA showcase Edificius software examples

Credit: ACCA Software
Credit: ACCA Software

Italian software company ACCA Software have released a new video online showcasing recent Building Information Modelling examples made using their Edificius software.

The video, just under two minutes and thirty seconds in length, is the 13th instalment in the ‘Edificius BIM Examples’ series, where the company look at various projects build using Edificius and look at the various plug-ins that interact with it.

The exemplar project is named ‘The Cliffhanger’ and the video looks at various elements of it’s construction including topography, levels, stairs editor, 3D and elevation views and the program’s integration with the Sketch Up plug-in.

Alongside all of the highly technical video elements, the promo also demonstrates Edificius’ rendering impressive rendering capabilities.

In the closing stage of the video, ACCA Software urge the BIM community to “compare the professionalism of Edificius with Revit, ArchiCAD, AllPlan, Auto-CAD and Vectorworks”, a bold and confident statement indeed.

Check out the clip below and learn more about ACCA Software’s Edificius by clicking here.