Viewpoint Constrution Software tout relationship with Yates Construction

Viewpoint Construction Software have touted their latest business relationship with Yates Construction, who have purchased their BIM Manager product to help strengthen their connections with both internal and external stakeholders.

Yates Construction, who have been customers of Viewpoint‘s since 1985, acquired BIM Manager as the platform allows the company to efficiently and effectively share masses of project information models, thus strengthening their Building Information Modelling processes.


BIM Manager was built on an Open BIM platform and simplifies the real time flow of BIMs and drawings, documents and data associated with them for teams looking to better utilise BIM. Speaking of the recent foray into BIM Manager, Director of BIM at the Alabama-based Yates, Benjamin Crosby said:


“Viewpoint has proven to be a solid and innovative technology partner and when examining their roadmap for future product development and internal and external integration, we confidently decided to purchase BIM Manager. Communication and collaboration with the right stakeholder at the right time has proven an invaluable asset. BIM Manager will be another tool at our disposal, empowering our team with what they need to get the job done.”


Viewpoint are also obviously thrilled at this latest partnership and their BIM Product Manager John Adams expressed his pleasure: “After some excellent and insightful discussion with Yates about translating Open BIM concepts into tangible benefits on construction projects, I am delighted that Yates has signed up to use BIM Manager as their chosen common data environment to strengthen their BIM processes.


“BIM Manager helps ensure that best practice workflows can be implemented to realize the true benefits of BIM, and I look forward to seeing Yates’ successes with using the tool set available today as we bring more great functionality to their business and continuously develop BIM Manager to support the needs of the global construction industry.”


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What are your experiences using BIM Manager and other Viewpoint software products?