UK vs US: BIM adoption on both sides of the pond

The similarities and differences between Building Information Modelling adoption in the United Kingdom and the United States have been addressed in a new article.

Guest writing on the Construction Code blog, Rachel Burger (pictured) of software solutions company Capterra has compared and contrasted the scale of BIM model use on both sides of the Atlantic.


Burger (who can be followed on Twitter here) denotes that Government involvement is the biggest difference between the US and the UK, with her believing the UK Government’s 2016 mandate is their way of catching up to America’s leading position. She said: “Since the government has mandated that all public-sector construction projects will be delivered using BIM by 2016, the UK has seen astounding growth in BIM adoption. While my American anti-regulation alarm is tingling, I’d say that what the UK has done for its public sector is not bad.”

Burger continued by saying that in her opinion, it “may be too much” for small companies to keep up with “the rush to 2016.” Quoting the CEO of CADD Microsystems Jeff Gravatte (who provides his insight earlier in the article), Burger writes:


“As for the “bumps along the way,” rushed implementation is still concerning. Gravatte also added, “People focus a lot on the tools, but the process is far more valuable than the tools. The focus should really be on processes and removing excess steps.” There has been some effort to focus on process … but less so from the regulating bodies.


“It’s possible that UK businesses will be taking too many shortcuts, shortchanging their long-term ROI potential. Of course, one way to help construction companies perform their best is with construction management software, but it must be a part of the greater evolution from CAD to BIM. The rush to 2016 may be too much for many smaller firms.”

Rachel Burger also discusses the green certification of the US and the UK and similarities and differences regarding legislation, BIM growth and more. Click here to read her highly informative article in its entirety.


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