SPAR Point Group announce BIM Documentation Management webinars

Want to learn more about BIM? SPAR Point Group are giving you the chance by hosting a series of Documentation Management webinars.

Case studies from facilities owners and challenges that face building documentation will be presented in the three webinars which aim to connect owners and service providers by demonstrating and advising both parties of the latest developments in lifecycle management of construction projects such as Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Point Clouds and most importantly, Building Information Modelling.


Webinar 1, held on August 20th is titled ‘What Owners Need to Know about Getting their Existing Buildings Documented’ and will feature presentations from service and technology providers at the pinnacle of the industry sharing their expertise of building documentation and offering advice thanks to the lessons they have learned.


Webinar 2 will take place on October 15th and will look at ‘What Building Owners and Managers Really Need from Building Documentation & How Service Providers can Best Deliver, from the Owner’s Perspective’. Benefits of 3D capture will be addressed here, as will strategies for facilities and data management.


Webinar 3, ‘Review of the Many Available Standards and some Next-Generation Workflows and Technologies’, will commence on December 17th and aim to review next-generations workflows and technologies standards and how BIM is being used to facilitates crucial data.


Two of the webinars are being held in the run up to SPAR Point Group’s European LIDAR Mapping Forum, an event to be hosted in Amsterdam, The Netherlands from the 8th – 10th of December. The fallout of the convention will no doubt feature in some capacity in the third and final webinar.


Interested in signing up? Click here to learn more about each online learning resource and how you can sign up to each.


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