Report: Too much BIM data? Take it to The Cloud

A new case study has been published looking at an architectural firm’s ascent towards The Cloud to combat their Building Information Modelling data storage issues.

IT strategy website CIO is reporting that Perkins + Will, who operate in six countries, have 150 terabytes of critical data, with a whopping 80% of it being BIM files of up to 300 megabytes a piece.


The article notes that with BIM adoption on the rise, within three years, the company’s data load will nearly triple too 400 terabytes of data, which would leave the company in a difficult position… if it wasn’t for The Cloud.


With the vast amount of data rapidly on the rise, using The Cloud makes total business sense. Companies can save money by not having to purchase additional servers and then the space to house them and the BIMs can be accessed at a much quicker pace as instead of having to wait to open and synchronise files from the central office, anyone in the company can easily view and edit the models, regardless of whether they are in a different branch or different country.


Firms will also no longer have to pay as much to back-up files due to cloud computing’s reliable nature. After purchasing cloud-based storage from Nasuni, the firm has estimated that their back-up costs will be reduced by 50% over the next three years. With them currently spending $1 million on back-ups, this move is a smart one. CIO’s Murali Selvaraj spoke of P+W’s stance on security, and the company don’t have any reservations about The Cloud’s capabilities:


Security is not something we take [lightly]. But going to the cloud, we’re not afraid of that.”


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Is your company growing more reliant on cloud-based storage?