Report: The gain is worth the pain regarding BIM

A new guest article on has listed benefits of BIM adoption that an industry leader has recognised during recent times.

The Chair of Balfour Beatty’s UK BIM Steering Group Peter Trebilcock has stated that there “is growing evidence of more BIM ready parties who can join the collaboration … producing tangible business benefits.”


Trebilcock provided his findings in a table, listing each BIM benefit with a description next to who its main beneficiary is. He first looks at programme optimisation and notes that BIM can create major time savings. He said: “Time savings produced on projects from 3.5 months to 5 weeks through simulation and optimisation of planning activities.”


Another positive aspect of using BIM is clash detection, which Trebilcock describes as ” the most commonly cited benefit.” He also gives an example stating that before a 3D model was used, a project had 29 clashes. After the model was used, the build has absolutely none. Similarly to clash detection, BIM can also help tackle clash avoidance. Trebilcock commented:


“Heavy roof top plant was spotted straddling a movement joint. If left un-amended would have cost £30,000 in design fees, ductwork modifications and support points to make the associated changes.”


Other positives from using BIM models were construction simulation, rig set-up and increased market penetration. Read the rest of Trebilcock’s pointers here.


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