Report: How is BIM affecting the construction jobs market?

A new blog post is looking at how Building Information Modelling is impacting on the construction jobs market.

BIM Academy have noted that obviously, BIM is a “game changer” for the construction industry, yet ponders whether it has made a difference to the jobs market.


Citing the NBS National BIM Survey 2014, the blog sheds light on why BIM is slow to be adopted in some workplaces. Writer Rachel Evans states: “As it stands, the demand for BIM is outweighing the supply. The survey also discovered that only 54% of businesses have worked on projects utilising either 3D drawings, clash detection tools or other BIM features, with 77% believing a lack of in-house BIM expertise is a barrier to adoption.”


It is quite alarming to see that many companies and their workers are entering uncharted territory so close to the Government’s 2016 deadline. However, a positive trend is discussed in the report, and looks at the increase in BIM-related questioning at initial stages of the employment process. With this increase, architects and construction workers will at least know what to expect when applying for a job. If you’re already skilled in BIM, then great; if not, you know what needs to be done. Evans writes:


“BIM interview questions and references to BIM on application forms are becoming more and more common; with employers expecting graduates to be proficient at using advanced digital technologies, as well as having a good awareness of technologies which facilitate BIM processes.”


Evans explains what companies need to do to positively influence the jobs market and she says firms need to understand BIM training should be seen as an investment.


“In a fast-changing industry, both businesses and individuals need to take steps to ensure they are adaptable and capable of working on a variety of projects. Training can be an investment opportunity and the knowledge gained will be an asset to both the individual and the organisation with which they work.”


This story comes after BIMcrunch reported on a lack of architecture jobs for students in Australia. Is it a similar story for construction graduates in the UK?


Read the entire BIM Academy piece here.


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