Report: Colleges “ignoring Building Information Modelling”

A new article in The Guardian has condemned colleges for failing to keep up to date with the latest technologies at the forefront of industry.

On the website’s Education section, Professor Sa’ad Medhat states that “the majority of science, technology, engineering and maths curriculums in colleges are not fit-for-purpose”, including teaching and training on Building Information Modelling.


BIMcrunch recently reported on a BIM Academy story which noted a rise in BIM related interview questions and “with employers expecting graduates to be proficient at using advanced digital technologies, as well as having a good awareness of technologies which facilitate BIM processes.” It seems like colleges are certainly not helping with this need for BIM knowledge at university graduate level.


Regarding the dearth of BIM teaching at college level which comes from a Guardian report, Medhat writes: “Why, for example, are so many colleges focusing on carpentry and bricklaying and ignoring building information modelling software, which will become compulsory on all government construction projects from 2016?”


It appears that although universities are doing their bit to influence the BIM Managers of the future, colleges need to follow their lead, and quickly before the Government’s 2016 mandate goes into effect and the charge towards Level 3 adoption begins.


Read the entire report, which focuses on many technological industries, here.


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