Report: 75% of civil engineering companies ’embracing BIM’

A new survey has revealed that 75% of civil engineers questioned were working in companies that were ’embracing BIM’.

Engineering news source New Civil Engineer held an Autodesk sponsored webinar yesterday and surveyed 220 respondents.


Although 75% of companies of the employees queried said that their companies were getting to grips with Building Information Modelling, not all of the statistics compiled in the findings were positive.


Only slightly over half of the civil engineers who took part said that the firm they were representing had “an understanding” of Level 2 BIM at just 52%. Although over half, with the Government’s 2016 mandate rapidly approaching, there is not a lot of time left on the clock for the remaining 48% to catch up to speed.


Another worrying figure highlighted that just 40% of engineers had read PAS1192-2, the documentation that is filled with the criteria required to achieve Level 2 BIM maturity.


Click here to read more on the webinar’s questionnaire results.


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