PHC Contractor Magazine delve into world of BIM

Building Information Modelling and the competitive advantages it can provide businesses who adopt it are the focus of a new article in an American magazine.

PHC Contractor Magazine, the official publication of the Plumbing Heating and Cooling Contractors Wisconsin Association, says that BIM is advancing innovation, building long-term value and is “streamlining design and construction processes.”


The magazine, which reached 7,500 plumbing and HVAC companies in the state of Wisconsin looks at the origins of BIM in the United States before looking at the maturation of BIM mandates from 2007 to the present day. Regarding present day operations, the article gives three ways in which a project firm can assess a contractor’s BIM competency. The article says that firms should ask for a portfolio filled with past BIM deliverables, ask for references from a source who can vouch for the project team and to check the credentials of the BIM Managers, should the company believe in them


The article also looks at one of the most efficient ways of completing a build, offsite prefabrication of materials used in the project as well as focusing on ‘clearance boxes’, which “maintain open space” around MEP equipment service areas.


Describing the feasibility of BIM, the article’s writer, Bradley Corporation’s BIM Strategist Daniel Hughes said: “We are no longer discussing IF the BIM process is feasible for HVAC and plumbing contractors. Various contractors working on hundreds of projects have proven and continue to prove the multiple options for reaping the rewards of the BIM process.”


Click here to read Hughes’ entire article.


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