New survey probes manufacturers for their understanding of BIM

Manufacturers have a chance to speak up on their experiences with building information modelling, in a new questionnaire put together by the BIM for Manufacturers and Manufacturing (BIM4M2) working group.


BIM4M2 was established earlier in the year to support the work of the government’s BIM Task Group by relaying the needs of manufacturers to the wider BIM community. It held its inaugural meeting in March, which was attended by 40 representatives from across the AEC sectors.



This new questionnaire, hosted on Survey Monkey, has been devised to gauge the level of understanding of BIM among manufacturers. All manufacturers and their staff are encouraged to participate in the survey.



“What do you understand manufacturers need to provide to support the UK Government’s 2016 requirements?” one question asks. The possible answers are: a) Structured information and data to PAS 1192-2:2013; b) 3D Models; c) BIM objects



In a press release, BIM4M2 said that while the construction industry had been making great strides in readying itself for the the 2016 deadline for adoption of BIM, “little thought has been given to the vital role that product suppliers will play in improving information exchange and asset management, that sits at the heart of BIM”.



It quoted its chair, Steve Thompson, as saying: “Manufacturers’ feedback via the questionnaire will help to identify the challenges faced in gearing up for BIM as well as gaps in knowledge and understanding”.



If you work in manufacturing, we recommend you spend ten minutes filling out this latest survey.