NBS release enhanced version of Revit Plug-in

The National Building Specification have released the latest version of their Revit plug-in to support Autodesk Revit 2015.

The update is the third plug-in release from NBS and is available for free to download from their website.


In the newest post on his Construction Code blog, Head of BIM at RIBA Enterprises Dr. Stephen Hamil discussed the process behind the creation of the newest Revit extension. He said: “The latest improvements have been completely user-focussed. We invited a selection of 20 of the great and good from the UK BIM community to a workshop last year and asked them to rate 15 or 16 ideas we had.”


The main three improvements of the plug-in are noted in Hamil’s blog, the first of which is better integration with the project specification, meaning the integration of BIM objects in the 3D model with the appropriate clause is now even to do than ever before. In Lehmann’s terms, this means that if a door is selected, it automatically showcases the different types available.


Other improvements made in the latest version include the easier fashion that Revit materials and 2D Objects can be tagged and the enhanced ability to tag your own Revit families with NBS references.


Learn more about the updated plug-in by clicking here.


Have you used the plug-in yet? What are your thoughts on it?