Is my project a good fit for BIM? (BIM)x investigate

Building Information Modelling blog (BIM)x have published some pointers for professionals to consider when debating whether to adopt BIM for their projects.

Blog author Laura Handler cites a conversation she had with a new BIM Manager, with him wanting to convince his leaders to implement BIM on one of their projects.


Handler, Director of Service Design and Strategy at Tocci Building Companies, references that the question posed to her was similar to a one her company had to answer at Harvard University. With this being yet another time a similar topic has been raised, Handler has thought to publish a list of project characteristics; if your project possess those traits and matches the listed criteria, then you should be good to go with BIM.


The type of construction project is noted as the first point to consider. Although BIM is more suited to new projects, it can be used on renovation and maintenance projects, so regardless of building type, BIM is appropriate for all.


Program complexity and timing are also detailed. If a project is already on-going, the lower the opportunity to use BIM. The smaller the budget on a project too, the lesser the opportunity. BIM can be used to enhance efficiency in many areas of a project, so if a project has less elements, the scope to utilise BIM to its full potential is obviously lowered.


The final two considerations address the BIM capability of project partners and the amount of existing building documentation already available, both of which make BIM easier if more expertise, assistance and resources are to hand.


Each factor to contemplate has a number of points next to them and Handler states that if a project is 65 points or over, then BIM is definitely the way forward – a very useful resource indeed!


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