Irish Building Magazine dominated with BIM content

The latest edition of Irish Building, the magazine dedicated to the building professionals of Ireland, has spotlighted Building Information Modelling in a major way, by featuring 26 pages dedicated to BIM.

The third edition of the magazine puts BIM at centre stage in an attempt to educate and inspire not only businesses in Ireland but also to inform those from outside the country of the rapid pace that BIM is being adopted.


“When it comes to Ireland, take up is gaining serious momentum; construction, architectural, engineering, consultancy and specialists contracting and supply firms of all sizes are recognising the benefits of early BIM adoption particularly in relation to procurement, sustainability and efficient in construction, design and delivery”, says the main article on BIM.


The publication shows a map of educational facilities that offer BIM training (definitely a very useful resource) and features insights and testimonies from the likes of DPW Group, BAM, Acheson & Glover, BIM FM Data Management Ltd, Soluis, CITA and ArcDox amongst others. This all amounts to a substantial read that covers a plethora of different types of company that are linked through their universal use of BIM.


Geospatial data and its relationship with BIM is also covered in an article on the work of Topcon and pioneering software like CostX are also promoted.


Click here to read the fantastic collection of BIM information present in the latest issue of Irish Building Magazine.


What do you make of the abundance of content available in this issue?