Indivirev suggests using Dropbox as sticker-tape Revit server

Small teams of Revit users who collaborate on the same projects may be able to forge their own free server to share models with clever use of Dropbox.

A solution that has existed in various forms since at least 2010, the Dropbox solution has been outlined by BIM specialists Indivirev. The group find that professional software puts too much strain on their budgets, so this sticker-tape method is an imperfect alternative.


The solution is as follows:

“1. Map the Dropbox Project folder to a network drive

a. In the Start menu, in the run/search bar, type in “cmd” <enter>

b. In the cmd.exe window, type in the following:

SUBST <DriveLetter>: C:\Users\<admin>\Dropbox/<projectfolder> <enter>

c. The path may be different depending on how Dropbox is setup so check the location prior to doing this step

d. The central file, linked files, and Keynote file should be stored in this directory. The central file should be in the root directory.

2. Using Revit, ensure that the file located in the root folder, <DriveLetter>:\, is a central model.

3. Everyone using this model will need to do the same procedure and use the same drive letter. Not having the same drive letter will more than likely cause issues with linked file locations.

4. Create your local model in another folder, do not use Dropbox for your local model as well.”


IndiviRev say that they are using this “on a very specific project with a very specific team”, and stress that the method is unsuitable for larger team sizes – there are too many caveats that could jeopardise a project. When using this method, they advise using Sync With Central (SWC), because syncing at the time will “most definitely corrupt the central model”.


You can view the .pdf with the step-by-step process, and the limitations, here.  


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