Forget Festival Fringe, BIM Show Live Scotland rocks Edinburgh

BIM Show Live Scotland 2

After yesterday’s BIM Show Live Scotland, it’s safe to say Edinburgh is glad it has a few weeks to recover by the Festival Fringe kicks off.

Attracting around 100 Building Information Modelling enthusiasts, BIM Show Live Scotland encapsulated BIM viewpoints from across the entire industry, with guest speakers ranging from Autodesk, BAM FM, BIM.Technologies, Space Group, Tekla and even the Government. Many of those who had made the trip to Edinburgh were BIM Show Live first-timers, which was very encouraging to see. Many had travelled from elsewhere in Scotland and came equipped with their thinking caps ready to be educated by BIM; fantastic to see that people are ready to become educated in BIM.

After a brief introduction to BIM Show Live and a nice little history lesson from Space Group CEO Rob Charlton, the first speaker to step up to the rostrum was Head of BIM at the BIM Task Group David Philp. Anyone who hasn’t seen a speech from David definitely should; he provided a highly informative presentation whilst not shying away from some jokes to keep the crowd entertained. He also struck a chord with the crowd by introducing his 8-year-old daughter via a picture, explaining that her knowledge of construction was just Bob the Builder. He was worried that she had no idea what her Dad did after some explanation, which definitely inspired us here at BIMcrunch. It is incredibly important to inspire the youth of today and have BIM education in place ready for when the next set of Philps and Charltons come a-knocking.

Following Philp, Adrian Shilliday of Galliford Try, Miller and BIM Hub Scotland took to the stage. As you can see by the plethora of BIM companies he is involved with – he’s really into BIM and has a lot to share. Share he did, providing the attendees with a lot of information regarding contractors.

From one education presentation to another, Space Group’s Rob Charlton stepped up and entertained the crowd. Rob compared the current BIM movement to Netflix, miles ahead of the VHS of 2D paper drawings – a great analogy. Charlton looked at the three generations of professionals within construction right now, separating them into ‘Baby Boomers – 1943 – 1965’, ‘Generation X – 1965 – 1985’ and ‘Generation Y – 1985 – 2005′. He talked about how each generation works differently yet with complete collaboration, we can all work perfectly together to complement each other. The best way to reach BIM targets? Protocols, Processes and People said Rob.

After the interval, Tekla’s Duncan Reed discussed his work with the aforesaid corporation and also as part of thinkBIM, based at Leeds Metropolitan University. Those in attendance got great insight into a number of SMEs that thinkBIM have helped in adopting BIM. Duncan clearly has a fantastic portfolio of projects he has passed knowledge onto and it definitely inspired people in a similar position at the event.

BIM.Technologies’ Adam Ward was next with his presentation ‘Braveheart BIM: BIM Without The BS’, aimed at explaining the various acronyms within BIM easily. Adam mixed theoretical explanations with entertaining memes and jokes, keeping the audience and BIMcrunch entertained throughout.

Next up was Lee Mullin of Autodesk and thankfully he arrived before his presentation after being stuck on a delayed train. It was a good job that he did as his presentation looked at the often talked about BIM 360. If you’re not in the know yet – check this out!

The final presentation of the night came from Reid Cunningham of BAM FM, who was conscious he was standing between the attendees and the free beverages at the end of the night. He made the most of his said ‘stand’, presenting a highly engaging talk on facilities management. BAM are making some major waves and with a speaker as passionate as Reid at the helm of their work, it’s clear to see that the company will only go from strength to strength.

Overall, the bite size BIM Show Live Scotland was a resounding success. Veterans of the event were highly impressed with the standard of presentations and the turnout from newcomers was high, representing how BIM is capturing the interest and attention of those who have so far been challenged by BIM software and standards. Feedback from the first-time guests was that they will definitely be coming back for BIM Show Live 2015 as BIM Show Live Scotland was just the tip of the iceberg. If you were already thinking about applying for BIM Show Live 2015 when the time arises, I suggest the conversation from #BSLSCOT will make that decision very easy for you.

An outside perspective of the event which summarised it perfectly came from BAM FM’s Kath Fontana. She tweeted:

And a lot of love there was!

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