Construction Code reminisces on Think BIM Leeds

The NBS’s Dr. Stephen Hamil has looked back on the Think BIM Leeds half-day conference in his latest Construction Code blog post.

Dr. Hamil, who chaired the event, explained that Think BIM is “fantastic” and “a pleasure” due to the quality of speaker being “so high and the variety in activities is always of interest.” Take note, Dr. Hamil is definitely someone to listen to when it comes to BIM events!


The first and second speakers at the event both discussed where BIM is heading and the challenges the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sector faces when using Building Information Modelling. The inaugural speech came from the Ministry of Justice’s Deborah Rowland. She believes that problems the industry must face in the coming months and years in relation to facilities management are “ensuring digital information is contractually delivered”, keeping digital asset information models up to date and she also pondered the question, “What to do with existing estates?”


The following talk came from John Chown of Skanska. He believes that FM is not involved within the design stage of a project near enough times and also believes the quality and structure of information needs to be improved when firms handover finished buildings to their owners. Other problems Chown has noticed in his personal experience were that existing buildings don’t have enough digital data captured about them and there is also a dearth of post operations investigation (POI) survey data available to input into the next design.


Dr. Hamil finalised his blog post by listing the three main pieces of information that he had taken away from being a part of the experience, the first of which was that clients must make sure they consider operations costs and the expense caused by outcomes, rather than just focusing on capital cost and which company’s proposal will take the least time to complete. RIBA’s Director of Design and Innovation also believes that standardised information regarding operational phases of old buildings must be utilised; if it is there, make use of it!


Read Dr. Stephen Hamil’s thoughts on Think BIM Leeds in their entirety by clicking here.


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