CanBIM in effort to standardise BIM in Canada

The Canada BIM Council is seeking to strengthen its country’s BIM community with a new standardised certification and accreditation program.

Like other countries BIMcrunch has touched upon in recent weeks, Canada sees standardisation has an important step in its adoption of BIM. Daily Commercial News reports that the program’s goal is to create a “benchmark” by which individuals, companies and training courses can be assessed on their BIM competency and process management.


CanBIM hopes that the program will foster greater cohesion between educational institutions, training providers and the building industry, the net result being that students will be equipped with “consistently relevant” skills and expertise.


Speaking to DCN, the chair of CanBIM’s research and education committee, Pietro Ferrari, said that: “By clearly defining standardized certification and accreditation, we will be able to turn our attention to establishing qualification profiles for BIM positions in companies and map those same profiles to BIM education outcomes”.


Ferrari told DCN an advanced draft of the program had been completed, and full implementation would arrive at CanBIM’s annual general meeting this September. This will encompass both the individual and company levels of the program.


A ten-person board of directors comprising of key players in Canada’s BIM scene helped to devise the program, which was first mooted in the January of 2013.


More details in the Daily Commercial News article.