BIM the “one bright spot” amongst low architect salaries

Many architects are leaving the industry due to low salaries, that’s according to an article from Australian AEC news site Sourceable.

The report mentions that many architects down under and having to search for work elsewhere due to the small amount they are being paid, which is “barely above award minimums”, putting the AEC sector in Australia at risk, affecting “the entire viability of the profession.”


A study published by the Association of Consulting Architects Australia (ACA) revealed that pay rises in 2013 through 2014 were “very small”. Another alarming statistic showed that only 45% of companies surveyed employed students.


However, on the contrary from basic architectural jobs, Building Information Modelling roles are the “one bright spot” amongst the doom-and-gloom. Those with BIM managment skills are diamonds in the architectural rough. In reference to this, the article states:


“However, there was one bright spot, with Building Information Modelling (BIM) managers being clearly the highest earners of all technical roles across all salary brands – a clear sign of increasing interest in and awareness of the potential of this technology to improve project management and drive down costs.”


Great to see that Building Information Modelling is clearly the way forward within the industry. Let’s hope architects of the present and future can gain the skills necessary to secure the well-paid opportunities.


Click here to read the entire Sourceable article.


Have you noticed a similar trend occurring in the UK?