BIM Task Group releases its 42nd newsletter

It just keeps growing – the latest BIM Task Group newsletter is an impressive 39 pages long.

Now onto its 42nd release, the newsletter combines updates on the BIM Task Group’s activities with a mix of informative articles and adverts for upcoming events.


This issue includes an interview with the Technical Liaison Manager of the British Woodworking Federation, Hannah Mansell. The BWF is the “largest lobbying and business support organisation in [its] sector”, promoting the use of timber as a building tool.


In the interview, Mansell said that the BWF’s members see BIM as “a real opportunity to reduce waste and cost from the manufacturing and construction process, by getting it right, first time”.


She continued: “BIM is encouraging dialogue between all facets of the UK construction industry, and this can be a driver for improvement and development.”


Elsewhere in its virtual pages, the newsletter gives an overview of COBie’s use in the UK. Such an inscrutable format (in this case data exchange) is often explained through metaphor, and the article’s writer Nick Nisbet doesn’t come up short in this regard; he compares COBie to a suitcase.  


“Is COBie too difficult?” he asks. “Hopefully not for a mature and accurate industry moving into a data-rich era. Use a calculator!” He points readers to a series of ten-minute YouTube tutorials by Bill East, viewable here (nice Pipboy avatar, Bill).


There is plenty more to read in the rest of the newsletter – a brief, two-page summary of July’s Government Construction Summit, for example – so be sure to give it a look.