BIM Opinion: Reactions to Christophe Castaing’s BIM Manager viewpoint

Two days ago, BIMcrunch provided coverage on an interview with Head of Building Information Modelling at Egis Group, Christophe Castaing. Here’s what the #UKBIMCrew had to say about Castaing’s controversial viewpoint.

In regards to whether the role of a BIM Manager is necessary within a BIM team, Castaing said that in Egis, there is no such place for the aforesaid role. Elaborating further, he said: “The concept of BIM management should be part of the advanced skills and expertise of project managers.”


BIMcrunch readers had a lot of say on the subject, some agreeing with certain points raised by Castaing with others flat-out disagreeing with his opinion. Here’s some of the highlights:






Mathew Smith:


Mike Lister:


Johnathan Munkley:


George Mokhtar:


Olly Thomas:


Allister Lewis:


Louise McCabe:


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