BIM models to feature in Welsh waste-cutting project

Building Information Modelling will be at the forefront of a new Welsh initiative aimed at the country sending 0% of construction waste to landfill by 2025.

Construction Manager are reporting that Constructing Excellence Wales (CEW) have called upon engineering consultancy Arup and Gillard Associates, an architecture firm based in Cardiff to develop BIM models of four on-going Welsh construction projects in an aim to tackle wastage.


The 3D BIM models will help project teams taking part in the pilot to locate, manage and document all types of waste coming from their projects, with solutions also being provided as quickly as possible. Developments taking part in CEW’s wastage-cutting plan-of-action, named Enabling Zero Waste project, include a care home, an art gallery, a primary school and an ice arena.


Speaking about the ambitious project and the impressive work Wales has been doing already to combat waste, Director of the Construction Waste Programme at CEW, Paul Jennings said: In 2010 CEW was closely involved in preparation of the Welsh government’s Towards Zero Waste strategy and the accompanying Construction Sector Plan, which identified a range of recommendations and actions for the industry. We are therefore delighted to be involved in launching and implementing this new project, which aims to help Wales set an example for the rest of the world.


The latest figures released by the Welsh government suggest that we are already moving in the right direction, with 87% of construction and demolition waste now being recycled. However, there is still much work to be done to reach the initial target of 90% or more of waste generated across every material waste stream in the construction and demolition sectors in Wales to be re-used or recycled by 2019/2020.”


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BIM is already championed as a cost and time saver and one of the best ways to improve efficiency. Do you see it being able to perform well at identifying waste?