Autodesk’s Vice President talks Qatari BIM ambitions

Autodesk’s Vice President has gave his esteemed opinion on the current ‘mega projects’ taking place in Qatar.

Speaking with Construction Week Online, Phillip Bernstein said that Qatar were “early on the adoption curve” and are giving BIM “a push” instead of leaving “the building industry to its old devices.” He said:


“Qatar is probably early on the adoption curve but the slip of that curve is going to be extremely steep, so it’s not going to have that low, slow climb that most markets experience. I think what you have in Qatar is folks that build and control large portions of the building environment have decided that rather than leave the building industry to its old devices, they’re going to give it a push.”


Bernstein further developed his thoughts on giving new technologies a push, yet called for Qatari companies using Building Information Modelling to be careful not to use BIM is the wrong capacity.


“The project we’re doing with Qatar Rail is a perfect example of that [pushing BIM on major projects], we’ll be able to come in and allow things to happen rapidly. They understand that if they leave things to old style methods, they’re going to have old style problems. I think a big opportunity is that a new 21st century industry is being effectively invented in Qatar.


“Using BIM tools is not like playing Angry Birds; you don’t just fire it up, it requires planning because it is a different way of working. On large projects, if there isn’t the right planning, training and support, then those projects fail.”


Bernstein closes by summarising the importance of the step that Qatari companies are taking to revolutionise their country, calling it a “terrific opportunity.” He stated: “There is an interesting window where an incredible 21st century construction industry in the country can be established, and which will be a platform for the next 50 years. This period could position the country as the leader in that area; I would not miss that opportunity as it really does not come around often.”


Read Phillip Bernstein’s entire interview here.


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