Autodesk host BIM conference in The Philippines

Software giants Autodesk recently hosted a Building Information Modelling conference in The Philippines.

Manila Standard Today have reported on the one-day event, which was aimed at educating local practitioners about the many ways that BIM can improve project efficiencies, make the enablement of better sustainability strategies easier and produce buildings that are better equipped to handle the many forms of natural disaster that ravage the country.


Discussing the important factor of natural disaster management, Autodesk Philippines Country Manager Teddy D. Tiu said: “We need to provide a definitive and proactive approach to disaster risk mitigation and management. With all the natural disasters that have been ravaging the country, the company firmly believes that this part of the technology is a vital component in disaster management.”


Tiu elaborated by saying that although impossible to prevent natural disasters, being prepared is the key. Using BIM to develop and manage new mechanisms, systems and infrastructures can reduce loss of damage and save money in the form of rebuilding costs. He also was pleased Autodesk had commissioned the event and said that the “event is a testament to Autodesk’s dedication to the Philippines market”.


“BIM is rapidly transforming the global architecture, engineering and construction industry”, said Autodesk AEC Industry Manager for ASEAN Gianluca Lange. Lange also cited short-sighted designs as a major factor in why so much damage is caused by the likes of earthquakes, tsunamis and other types of catastrophe. He thinks the transformation brought by BIM will tackle this issue in the best way possible.


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