Autodesk authorised trainers BIM Academy offering collaborative BIM course

SMEs and architectural practices up North have the chance to engage in a unique new course that will see them experience Building Information Modelling within a real-life collaborative environment.

The first-time course is amongst a number of training opportunities ran by Northumbria University-based BIM Academy, who are an Autodesk Authorised Training Centre (ATC), meaning BIM Academy’s staff have been specifically trained to ensure that they possess both technological know-how and teaching abilities in Autodesk’s leading products within BIM.


The new module, known as a Virtual Project course, joins BIM Academy’s roster of other services including BIM strategy implementation and more traditional training in BIM-enabling software such as Autodesk Navisworks and Revit.


The new course can “break the cycle of a company needing experience of a BIM project to get the work, but not being able to get experience until they’ve got the work. It can also provide a dry run for newly-formed, multi-discipline teams to quickly assess their capabilities and iron out the inevitable problems that arise when a new team comes together,” that’s according to BIM Academy’s Senior Project Manager Justine Gray.


Gray continued: “The government has mandated that all public sector construction projects use BIM to a certain level by 2016 and, we believe other clients and contractors are starting to demand its use in line with this. Getting the best value from BIM means a complete transformation of workflow and the only way to learn this properly is to experience it.”


Connect, a division of KnowledgePoint Ltd which manages Autodesk’s European training and certification partner network, also commented on the inaugural Virtual Project course. Connect’s Autodesk EU Program Manager Kirstin Donoghue stated:


“The BIM Academy is a great example of training excellence within the Autodesk partner network. With the Virtual Project course, the team have seized the opportunity presented by the integration of simulation tools into Autodesk mainstream design software in a highly innovative way, offering it now as a service. Simulating a real life-like project in this manner is the best way to learn – and I’m sure it will pay dividends for all those who invest in this training.”


Learn more about BIM Academy here.


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